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Oto’s is known for their large selection of quality fresh fish, shell fish and finest sushi-grade fish in the greater Sacramento area.
Customers come from far and wide to Oto’s for the most highly sought-after sashimi grade fish such as FRESH yellowfin tuna, yellowtail Hamachi, and salmon. Oto’s features Ora-King premium farm raised salmon from New Zealand, our flagship sashimi salmon because it is raised without GMOs, hormones, vaccines, chemicals or antibiotics and boasts the highest natural oil content with full traceability and sustainability. Oto’s fresh tuna selection includes Hawaiian Ultra Bigeye tuna, which is considered the absolute best grade of fresh Ahi available in the world with translucent, vibrant red color, but its the high creamy oil content of this tuna is what makes this tuna taste superb and unique. One of Oto’s best sellers is the Mexican Bluefin farm raised tuna with softer flesh, fatty texture which contributes to its rich taste.
What Make Oto's Poke so popular?

The main reason Oto’s poke is so popular is because we make it fresh daily, cut fresh yellowfin tuna, add our traditional Hawaiian island recipe giving a salty savory flavor top it off with
some fresh green onions to accentuate the flavors. Whereas, most other restaurants and poke bars use frozen yellowfin which is why it is watery and sauce based seasoning which masks the frozen fish.

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